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Bringing Ease to Life

Quite often we get caught up in the busy-ness of life and even the moments we manage to set aside to relax are often full of activities. If you are feeling drained or overwhelmed or it seems like you have less energy to give to your job, your relationships and yourself then you could benefit from learning how to bring ease to life.

In this workshop you will experience a range of simple and fun exercises that can easily be incorporated into your everyday life and will help you release blocked energy and emotions, promote a sense of groundedness and self-compassion, and improve your emotional wellbeing during the busy or difficult times in your life.

To accommodate your specific needs, preferred way of learning and time limitations, this workshop is offered in the following formats:

The next 6 week workshop series will commence on Wednesday 17 February 2016 at 6.30pm.

If you are interested in Bringing Ease to Life please contact me for details about cost and location of the next workshop.

Being Yourself 

Are you interested in discovering what makes you do the things you do?

Would you like to alleviate unnecessary suffering in your life?

Maybe you want some clarity about who you really are, what you want or how to get there..

Or perhaps you are unsure of whether you are ready to commit to individual or couples therapy but are willing to experience what it could be like in the safety of a larger group?

In this two day workshop I will guide you through a mix of simple and fun exercises as well as some mindfulness that will allow you to become more connected to your bodily sensations and emotional and intellectual experiences, develop more understanding and acceptance or yourself just as you are, and achieve a greater sense of peace and wholeness within yourself.

If you would like to experience Being Yourself please contact me for details about cost and when and where the next workshop will be held.

Being In Relationship

Do you sometimes find yourself in the same type of situation or way of relating with others again and again without knowing how you got there?

Maybe you feel sad or alone in your existing relationships or the thought of being emotionally vulnerable with another person is a little scary or stressful?

Perhaps you would like to learn how to address relationship difficulties in a different way?

Or are you wanting more nourishing and honest relationships?

In this two day workshop you will build on the foundations of Being Yourself to experience how you can be yourself AND in relationship with other people at the same time. Working in pairs or larger groups I will lead you through some simple body oriented and mindfulness exercises to give you the opportunity to experience who and how you really are when relating with others, and show you ways in which you can stay connected to yourself and another person particularly in challenging or distressing situations.

Prior experience of Being Yourself is useful but not a pre-requisite for Being In Relationship.

If you are interested in Being In Relationship please contact me for details about cost and when and where the next workshop will be held.


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