How Counselling and Psychotherapy can Help You
What is Counselling and Psychotherapy | My Approach

How Counselling and Psychotherapy Can Help You

Life can be challenging.  The society we live in highly values "doing", "achieving" and "having". This competitive and busy way of life increases the levels of stress and anxiety you experience regardless of your age, education, socioeconomic or cultural background.
While a certain amount of stress and anxiety is an inevitable part of life, excessive amounts for prolonged periods may lead to feelings of inadequacy or overwhelm and patterns of thinking and behaviour that erode your self esteem, interfere with your ability to make decisions and function on a day to day basis, make relationships more difficult and eventually reduce the overall quality of your life.
If you are unable to easily manage the unpredictability of life you may be experiencing:

If you are feeling unsettled or concerned about how you are or have been responding to events that have been happening in your life, it is often helpful to talk to someone apart from your partner, family or friends.

Being able to bounce ideas and thoughts off a counsellor and psychotherapist who is supportive, objective and interested in your experiences can help improve how you feel about yourself and open up new options and choices in your life. 

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling addresses specific issues or concerns that an individual or couple are currently facing and is often short term in nature.  I will spend time with you exploring the feelings that have arisen and how you have tried to manage or cope with recent events and help you to identify and develop your own resources so that you can safely and effectively find a way of moving forward. 

Psychotherapy is generally a longer term process that focuses on the self. Together we will explore issues of personal meaning, how you relate to yourself and the impact of past events and trauma so that you gain a deeper level of self-understanding that will help you to better manage core issues that underlie persistent or recurring problems in your life.  

There is often considerable overlap between counselling and psychotherapy.

My Approach

My goal is to guide and support you through the challenges that you are currently facing to a place where you can be more at ease with emotions that previously distressed or scared you, let go of self-limiting beliefs or behaviours, have more choice and make decisions with clarity and ultimately access increased energy so that you can have the relationships you want and live a richer and more meaningful life.

I provide face to face counselling and psychotherapy to individuals in Elizabeth Bay on Mondays and Thursdays between 11am and 8pm.  Online sessions (using the Zoom platform) are also available during these times as well as on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

During our sessions I will:

Since everyone is different, we will work together to discover your own answers and solutions so that you can achieve your desired outcome.  Depending on your specific needs I will utilise a wide range of personality, relationship and psychotherapy theories and body oriented techniques such as using the body to increase your capacity to tolerate an emotional experience, tracking emotions and sensations as well as mindfulness or focussing exercises that will ultimately give you the freedom to be the real you and empower you to live a fuller and more vibrant life with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.


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